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“How long, Tides of Time? How long have you lived? Back… back to the beginning!”

Tides01Over the last few weeks, to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Oxford Doctor Who Society, I’ve been possibly placing the reputations of several people at risk and uploading many more of the early issues as pdfs,. Links to these have been quietly appearing on the ‘Issues online’ page. The first twelve issues are now all available and I’m grouping the links here.

(The) Tides of Time didn’t provide a nursery for an influential group of creative writers or inspire a new movement in cultural analysis, but it has provided a space for DoTides02ctor Who fans largely at or associated with Oxford University to put down and exchange some ideas about a television programme they grew up with and in the process practice writing in styles and about subjects for which it was difficult to find an audience before the internet age. These contributors are mainly undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines, but have also included postdoctoral researchers, an ordinand and a learning-disabled admin staff member of a univerTides05sity department.

These issues were published between 1990 and 1994 and cover many of the subjects Tides09wider Doctor Who fandom was talking and writing about at the time, post-morteming the 1980s in general and the McCoy era in particular, enthusing about increasingly widely available old stories, however legitimate the source of the video tapes, and (from 1991) the New Adventures novels published by Virgin. Along the way the humour quotient increased, with stories such as ‘Apathy of the Daleks’ and ‘Sadness of the Sontarans’ being joined by cackling agony columnist Aunty Ainley. Similarly the format changes from photocopied A5 assembled using cut-and-paste to full-fledged DTP in A4, rather like the mainstream of Doctor Who fan publishing, though we could never aspire to the glossiness of The Frame or Skaro and the photocopier remained the main printing method until the 2000s. There are the inevitable shifts from material very much aimed at readers who were members of the university society, to articles which could easily have found a larger audience in the fanzines or indeed prozines of the day.

Tides12netcoverThe direct links to the pdfs are to the left on the list below; the contents links connect to the quasi-bibliographical blog posts which I made in 2010. For administrative reasons (known as cutting and pasting) they count down backwards to the first issue. Enjoy this look back to the work of privileged university students over twenty years ago.

Issue 12 (January 1994)contents

Issue 11 (May 1993) – contents

Issue 10 (January 1993)  – contents

Issue 9 (October 1992) contents

Issue 8 (April 1992)contents

Issue 7 (January 1992)contents

Issue 6 (October 1991) – contents

Issue 5 (April 1991)contents

Issue 4 (January 1991)contents

Issue 3 (October 1990)contents

Issue 2 (April 1990)contents

Issue 1 (January 1990)contents


Tides 4

The Tides of Time, issue 4, was published in January 1991. It was cover dated Hilary Term 1991. It was edited by Louise Dennis. It had no cover price, but probably sold at 40p.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.

Please note that PDFs are sourced from aged photocopies!


  • Editorial by Louise Dennis
  • The Deadly Assassin. Review by Matthew Kilburn
  • Supremacy of the Daleks. Fiction by Alan Whitten
  • Inferno. Art by Robert Moss
  • Inferno. Review by Robert Moss
  • Robots Robots Everywhere! Review of The Robots of Death by Tim Procter
  • Going Underground. Review of Frontios by Tim Procter
  • Competition Resultsby Roger Shaw
  • Puzzles by Paul Groves and Mark Dunn
  • Cold Turkey or Spam? Review of Destiny of the Daleks by Michael Hagen
  • Blake’s Seven: Destiny. A reinterpretation of Destiny of the Daleks by Paul Groves
  • “Do Not Deviate” Review of Destiny of the Daleks by Tim Procter
  • Doctor Who in the TLS by Paul Dumont
  • The Dominators. Review by Matthew Kilburn

Cover illustrations by Robert Moss

Format: A3 folded to A5 and cut; photocopied. 20pp

Tides 5

The Tides of Time, issue 5, was published in April 1991, and cover dated Trinity Term 1991. It was edited by Louise Dennis. It had no cover price but probably sold at 40p.

This issue is available for download as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Louise Dennis
  • The Celestial Toymaker. Art by Robert Moss
  • Chainsword Blues. The career of Abslom Daak, by Tim Procter
  • Controversy Corner: Regeneration v Rejuvenation Revisited by Matthew Kilburn
  • The Daemons. Art by Robert Moss
  • The Ribos Operation. Review by Paul Dumont
  • “Not Unless I Do Something Immensely Clever”. Review of The Pirate Planet by Mark Dunn
  • Sticks and Stones. Review of The Stones of Blood by Tim Procter
  • Dungeons and Drag Ons. Review of The Androids of Tara by Tim Procter
  • Ruritania Rules O.K. Review of The Androids of Tara by Paul Dumont
  • K9 in a boat, illustrated by Robert Moss
  • Doctor Who: The Dustbins of Death. Comic strip by Paul Groves
  • The Levithian Gambit. Fiction by Paul Dumont
  • Questionnaire Results. Society survey feedback by Matthew Kilburn
  • Logic problem by Mark Dunn
  • The Edge of Destruction and The Mind Robber reviewed by Graham Pointer
  • The Aztecs reviewed by Matthew Kilburn
  • The Tomb of the Cybermen. Art by Robert Moss
  • Year Review. The Society, 1991/92, by Louise Dennis
  • Portrait of the Editor. The Malus, by Roger Shaw

Cover illustration by Muzibur Rahman

Back cover illustration: The Invasion by Robert Moss

Format: A3 folded to A4, photocopied, 24pp

Tides 6

Tides of Time, issue 6, was published in October 1991, and cover dated Michaelmas Term 1991. It was edited by Louise Dennis. It had no cover price, but probably sold at 40p.

This issue can be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Editorial by Louise Dennis
  • The Death of Doctor Who? Season Two Reconsidered by James Cannon
  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Review by Graham Pointer
  • Daleks Sans Frontier. Another review of The Dalek Invasion of Earth by Paul Groves
  • A further review of the same story, allegedly by Gabriel Finch
  • “We Are The Masters of the Earth” Yet another review of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, by Paul Dumont
  • Goodbye to Gallifrey. The Doctor and Susan’s escape from Gallifrey as related in Birth of a Renegade by Eric Saward in the Radio Times Doctor Who Twentieth Anniversary Special, retold by Paul Groves
  • Life After Doctor. Professor Colin Moreblake on the psychological stress of being a Doctor Who companion, by Adam Stephens
  • Apathy of the Daleks, parts one, two, three and four. Satire by James Brough
  • Who’s this, then? Review of Robot by Matthew Kilburn
  • The Dustbins of Death. Response to a cartoon in the previous issue, allegedly by Gabriel Finch
  • Doctor Who: The Mission. Comic strip and Blake’s 7 crossover by Paul Groves
  • Timewyrm: Exodus. The second New Adventure reviewed by Louise Dennis
  • The Grand Unified Theory of Doctor Who. Watchers and Valeyards explained by Paul Groves
  • Behind the Sofa: Doctor Who at the Museum of the Moving Image by Matthew Kilburn
  • The Curse of Fenric. Review by Graham Pointer
  • Genesis of the Daleks: A Theological Interpretation by Ben Murphy
  • Wordsearch and Companion Puzzle by Paul Groves
  • History of the World, part one. The UNIT Years in their Place. UNIT dating by Matthew Kilburn
  • Spearhead from Space. Review by Graham Pointer
  • Cartoons by Paul Groves
  • The Empire of Death, part one. Fiction by Alan Whitten
  • Envoi by Louise Dennis
  • Power Games. Poetry by Matthew Kilburn

Cover illustration by Paul Groves.

Format: A3 folded to A5 and cut; photocopied. 40pp