A Chat for Heroes!

ChatforHeroes_revWork on issue 40 is well under way. A few weeks ago we released a preview article, and we are now issuing a revised version of it. Ian Bayley has compiled the views of (some of) the Oxford Doctor Who Society on Series Ten into an article:

….we decided on a plan to make the most out of Series Ten. We would challenge each other to predict where the series would go, we would rate numerically each episode as it was shown and we would discuss them all, both in person and online. In this article, I focus on the last of these and review what happened when, in eighth week of Hilary Term, two dozen fans, almost all Oxonian students or ex-students, added to their Facebook Messenger not just any old chat but An Unearthly Chat.

The whole article can be downloaded here: A Chat for Heroes!

Meanwhile issue 39 of The Tides of Time is still available for download. For more details see Tides of Time, issue 39.