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Mining the archives

Another trawl through the box file has produced another selection of fiction and non-fiction from the Tides of Time archive, in this case from issues 1, 15 and 20. All the material in this release was published in the 1990s and reflects the opinions of the authors as they then held them. Please allow for the quality of the original photocopied pages and the limitations of domestic scanning equipment.


  • Grief Encounters: Sunrise. John Wilson’s tale sees the fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan return to a fabled age of peace and prosperity, to fulfil a promise to an old friend of the Doctor.
  • Thieves Like Us. Another John Wilson story finds Barbara Chesterton dealing with a difficult character.
  • Chesterton’s Return. Ian goes home, by Brenda Foulkes


  • An Anomaly within an Inconsistency. The Doctor Who Society 1989. Jonathan Bryden recounted the Oxford (University) Doctor Who Society’s first year in The Tides of Time 1 (1990)
  • You Never Dream In Colour. Corinne Berg considers some issues raised by The Happiness Patrol. From Tides of Time issue 15 (1994)
  • From Skonnos to Perivale Revisited. Matthew Kilburn had looked back on how Doctor Who had fared in the 1980s in Tides of Time issue 1 in 1990 and in this article from Tides of Time issue 15 (1994) he returned to the subject nearly five years later to see what could be learned from his changed perspective.
  • The Doctor’s Darker Side. Taking evidence from adventures in television and book forms, Al Harrison examines how the Doctor could become or produce the Valeyard. Published in Tides of Time issue 20 (1997), but of possible interest to those entertained by the potential in the Dream Lord of ‘Amy’s Choice’ (2010)


  • The Scum. Lots of in-jokes from the OUDWS in the early 1990s, but also a Monsters v. Companions football match, and the legendary agony column of Aunty Ainley. Warning: some jokes might be considered in poor taste. From Tides of Time issue 15 (1994)

Thanks to Wild Republic for the image of their Cuddlekins panda!


Tides of Time 35 publication news

The Tides of Time issue 35 has been printed, and I hope to have it available in PDF form on this website in a few weeks, once editor Adam Povey is happy that it has served its purpose as an enticement to new student members in Freshers’ Week, along with the Doctor Who cocktails of course. In the meantime, another preview, as I’ve extracted the City of Death section of my review of the 1979/80 season, if to console myself for my cancelled Paris holiday. Enjoy:

Et in Arcadia ego: City of Death