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That’s What I Want!

Remember the Innovations catalogues which used to fall out of Sunday supplements, encouraging you to buy all those gadgets you never knew existed? Like the Cloned Gareth Thomas, the Raston Warrior Robot Servicing Kit, the Anti-Ford Cortina Gun or the Peeking Homunculus? No? Then let Tides of Time 28 (October 2002), via the technological research of Daniel Saunders and Matthew Peacock, remind you.

That’s What I Want! (PDF)

WARNING Like competitions in those compilation volumes of 1970s youth magazines such as Jackie and Look-In, our reader offer is an archive feature only. Unless you have a second-hand Doomsday Weapon going cheap. We might let you have the tea urn then.



Government Health Warning #35604 (Doctor Who) Very Important

After a couple of early 1990s archive articles, one from issue 28 in 2002, written by the mysterious George Cormack, who regularly hung about with other elusive contributors such as John Amos, Derek Haywood, and M. Khan. Following scare stories in the press, Matthew Peacock was apparently asked by the government to print this article to assure readers that Jon Pertwee Doctor Who was safe to watch. Never let it be said that Doctor Who fanzines do not have influence.

Government Health Warning #35604 (Doctor Who) Very Important

The Dominators

Following hot on the heels of The Deadly Assassin, Gallifreyan chancellery guard issue staser pistol in hand, is a review of The Dominators, also from issue 4 of The Tides of Time. It was written to accompany the VHS release of the story at the end of 1990. The now-widespread interpretation of the story as an attack on late 1960s youth culture as the foundation of a docile, passive society is missed; though that can be ascribed to the production itself not being very interested in that message, or the writers not understanding the movement which they are attacking. There are one or two good points made along the way concerning bored sons of tycoons and uncertain young officers, and of course the implausibility of the Quarks. The assertions about the production background seem generally sound, but should be read with caution as this was written eight years before Andrew Pixley would publish his Doctor Who Magazine archive feature on the story (in issue 262).

The Deadly Assassin

It’s been some time since new content was added to the site. Here, scanned in all its dotmatrixed glory, is my review of The Deadly Assassin from issue 4 of The Tides of Time, published at the start of 1991. It’s remarkably upbeat and cautious at the same time, being non-committal on the intentions of the production team regarding the apparent regeneration of the Master at the end of the story. Considering that I had been harsh on the Colin Baker era in Sixth of One in the previous issue, I was perhaps inclined to be more generous towards Doctor Who stories I watched when I was five or six than I was towards those I saw between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. I’m still quite pleased that I mentioned the Lavender List, though – I don’t think it had become a commonplace of Deadly Assassin reviews then – and in compensation for my not giving the reference more context then, here is a picture of Marcia Williams (latterly Baroness Falkender), who allegedly drew up Harold Wilson’s resignation honours list in 1976 on lavender-coloured notepaper, though Lady Falkender has reportedly always denied this.