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Tides issue 31 now uploaded

Issue 31, published in November 2005, has now been uploaded in a revised form. In addition to the details on the contents post, a new article has been added, but two have been removed as they are to be published in Mad Norwegian Press’s Time Unincorporated series.

The issue is available for the moment in ‘screen-friendly’ form only:

The Tides of Time, issue 31, November 2005, revised August 2010


Mid-August update II: two new uploads

Revisiting the last post brought me to the conclusion that the online archive needs some new content anyway, even if I can’t put Tides 31 up yet. So, here are two fiction pieces. The oldest is one which I wrote during my revision for university finals in 1992, though it wasn’t published for another year, in issue 11: Doctoral Thesis. From issue 24 in 1999 comes a great relationship vignette starring the newlyweds Jo and Cliff Jones, set not long after The Green Death: Lawful Wedded Wife, by Alice Dryden. Comments are as always welcome!

Mid-August update

This site isn’t forgotten – I’ve just been extremely busy with other things. I hope to have the revised edition of The Tides of Time issue 31 published online during next week.

In the meantime, work is advancing on issue 34 – rumours have reached me of articles on Amy Pond, this year’s Doctor Who, a classic Target book, and a convention earlier this year. All unconfirmed, and subject to change.