Tides 8

Tides of Time, issue 8, was cover dated Trinity Term 1992. It was edited by Julian Mander with assistance from Mark Hanlon. Its cover price was 50p.


  • Editorial by Julian Mander
  • Aunty Ainley. Agony column
  • Time’s Crucible. Review of the first in the Cat’s Cradle series of New Adventures by Julian Mander
  • Attack of the Cybermen. Review by Mark Hanlon
  • How to be a Committee Member. Satire on the Society by Paul Groves
  • Interview: Terrance Dicks. Report on his talk to the Society in 1992 by Julian Mander
  • Doctor Why. Cartoons by Paul Groves
  • The Wig of Nimon. Satire by Paul Groves and James Brough
  • The McCoy Years. Era review by Mark Hanlon
  • Quiz. Crossword by Paul Groves and Julian Mander
  • Gambit. Review of the Blake’s 7 episode by Matthew Kilburn
  • Title Sequences: Bernard Lodge, Where are You? by Matthew Kilburn
  • Shuttle. Seventh Doctor fiction by Julian Mander

This was the first of four issues to use a standard photomontage cover design by Julian Mander.

Format: A4, single sheets, outer covers orange card, photocopied and stapled left, 22pp


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